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As a naturopath, most people assume that I am against vaccination. Personally, I believe that vaccination is a very personal issue and prefer to educate my patients on making their own choices, but note that deciding when and how to vaccinate can be useful factors in this choice. For these latest corona virus vaccinations, I […]

It’s been a year since I got Covid-19.  I got it very early on in the process, and was well aware where I got it from.  Whilst there was a lot of negativity in the aftermath, that the people who brought it back from Aspen were disregarding quarantine, it was so early in our awareness […]

There have been several outbreaks of Ross River Virus in the Geelong area recently.  The infection is transmitted via mosquito, and symptoms frequently start appearing within a few days of being bitten, although it can appear out to several weeks later.  Recovery will occur in time, but for some people, this can take several months […]

A lack of purpose is linked to a sense of anxiety and will actually affect outcome for long life.

So, how is everyone coping with Lockdown Mark II?  I am trying to maintain a positive outlook on life, and feel grateful that we are not in Melbourne with stricter lockdown requirements, or indeed in the US or Europe, where the number of those sick or dying of COVID-19 are far higher than we have […]

Surviving life, difficulty and even Coronavirus, when you are a naturopath.

“And they gnashed their terrible teeth…”  Maurice Sendak.  Where The Wild Things Are.   Clenching your jaw, or grinding your teeth, is known as “bruxism”.  It is commonly accepted as being a response to stress, and it’s something which I see all the time in clinic.  It’s also one of the first things which I […]

Does everyone else feel like they have been at home forever…?  I have never been this lazy for this long in my life – it’s kind of weird.  And all those times that I wished that I had time to get all those jobs done – now that I have time, I am astonished at […]

Naturopathic consultations: I am open for consultation, within restricted hours, and have procedures in place to manage risks to keep the community healthy and safe. I will continue to work within the guidelines of my association and insurance requirements, and will be taking regular advice from the WHO and the Australian Department of Health. My […]

I am temporarily closing for bookings until I feel confident that this is in the best interests of patients and staff. Thank you.