The end of 2021.

Who else has found this year difficult?  I am hearing more sense of exhaustion and anxiety this year than last.  It’s not that last year wasn’t a challenge, more that this year has been ever so faintly unrelenting.  When you are repeating the same difficulties, and wondering when it will ever end, it can be hard to see the positive in life.  

So with the end of the year looming large in the heat of the day, I am not going to make resolutions.  Nor am I going to aim to “do better”.  Instead, I am following through with my motto which has emerged of late:

Be Kind.

Work Hard.

Find Purpose.  

This is not about challenging oneself.  It is not about striving for happiness, or greatness, or achievement.  It is about being well in your own space, feeling pride for where you are, and understanding that this is taking you somewhere.  This is enough.  

For anyone who wants to set a goal, absolutely go there.  Give yourself an aim, and laugh whether you achieve it or not.  Shoot high, learn along the way, and be a better person with every mistake, achievement and decision accepted.  But don’t forget to take a step back at times and think, “am I doing a good job?  Am I being cognisant of those around me?  Am I heading in a direction which sits well with me?”.  

Apart from that, I hope that everyone has survived this year without too much drama, and is being kind to themselves tonight.  I am having a quiet night in, as is my habit of recent years.  I am likely to get up early tomorrow and go hiking for a few days.  Life is too short to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, on the first day of a New Year.  

If you are needing help with managing your direction in life, please feel free to come and chat with me, about creating clarity in thought, better heath in your diet, and management of stress and anxiety.  I would be happy to be of help.  

Happy 2022. x



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