Clinical Packages and Testing

In my experience, most health situations can be dealt with quite effectively over a 12-16 week period, whereby the symptoms experienced or concerns raised are able to be recognised and treated, if there is sufficient feedback between myself, the patient, and the surrounding team of health professionals in place, as needed.  

To this end, I find that if I am able to plan to see my patient for one hour long initial consultation, in order to take a full and thorough case history, then some  weeks later, we meet again to discuss any changes, outcome or results from the initial treatment.  After this, two shorter 30 minute appointments are essential to ensure that all health issues have been recognised and managed, and to create a longer term plan for support.  It may be that you book in every year well before hayfever season starts, to get on top of this discomfort.  You may have annual stress triggers (teachers – I am thinking of you hereā€¦) and may need to return every year before and after the busy periods, to mitigate this exhaustion and stress.  Or you may need to run a gentle four week detox every spring, to help you to transition from being a hibernating bear into a beach babe.  

What this means is that you and I are both committed to making positive changes to your health.   By booking these first four appointments, you are taking steps towards creating a better and more healthy stage of your health.  It gives focus to your health, and to your ability to create change.

During this period, I offer 10% off all therapeutic products.  In my clinic, I stock high quality Practitioner Only supplements, as it is important to me that you are getting the highest quality products to ensure the best outcome for your health.  I use a range of high quality liquid herbs, which are rigorously tested to ensure  quality and high strength of active chemical constituents.   I am quite particular in selecting which products I use in clinic, and which I select for the individual, according to their needs. 

The initial package costs $299.  This includes the four appointments and represents a saving of $75 to you, over having made the appointments individually, over and above the saving from the 10% off products.  The package must be paid for in full at the initial consultation in order to take advantage of this savings.

Professional Testing services:

Testing can be added on as follows.  Several of the testing options will require additional or longer consultations.  

Hair Test 500:  I use this test a lot, as I find it helps to identify food and household items which you will perform better with.  The test uses bio-compatibility testing on a sample of your hair, to assess over 500 items, and then those incompatible items should be avoided over the next six months.  This test can be performed separately from the package, for $295, wherein you can drop in your hair sample, and have a 30 minute consultation, upon analysis.  If purchased alongside the four visit package, the total cost would be $545 for the Hair Test 500 and four visits.  For these purposes only, the appointments can be spread over six months, to ensure best results.  

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA):  This tests 39 elements, such as lead, iron, mercury from a small sample of your hair.  The test provides a profile of minerals, heavy metals and trace elements which are excreted into the hair follicles from the body, over a six month period.  This is different to testing the blood, which will not show this historical picture of compounds.  HTMA is not used as a sole diagnostic method, but instead as a tool to indicate more accurate diagnosis and need for supplementation.  It can be helpful to re-test after a year of health changes and supplementation to demonstrate and check for change.  The test and processing costs $150 and requires around a teaspoonful of hair (I can take this in clinic), and may require an extended consultation to explain the interpretation, which will be added to the package as required. 

Genetic Testing:  there are a variety of specific genetic tests which may be appropriate and will be discussed during the course of our consultations.  These cost $149 and include:  

  • Hormones and Fertility profile
  • Detoxification profile
  • Methylation profile
  • Mood and Cognition profile 
  • Nutrigenomic profile
  • Full bundle analysis of gene variations, which can include the above profiles, so if doing more than one, this may be more cost effective at $299.  

The Omega-3 Index Test:  this is a simple on-the-spot finger-prick test that measures the percentage of EPA and DHA in red blood cell (RBC) fatty acids. The test itself specifically measures: omega-3 index (total combined EPA and DHA); Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio; EPA:Arachidonic acid ratio; and total trans fats.  It costs $70 if included in a consultation.  

The DUTCH Complete test:  is a dried urine test which you can take over the course of 24 hours, with 5 collection times during the day.  It offers an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites, which can help to identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances.  It analyses 35 different hormones, and gives the results in an easy to follow graphical representation.  It costs $425, and will require additional time at the following consultation to discuss the results.  

The GI Map test:  is a stool test, which analyses the gut microbiome and screens for commensal and pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and opportunistic pathogens.  It can be helpful in helping those with imbalance in the normal microbial system, digestive issues, fatigue, imbalances in hormones, mood disorders, skin conditions and autoimmune conditions.  The test allows for more accurate treatment plan.  It costs $390, and will require additional analysis time.  

Other testing includes allergy, thyroid, and a variety of others, depending upon need.  I prefer to order testing only after having taken a full case history, as testing may not always be necessary, and is only suggested in the process of establishing a more accurate outcome for your health.