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Ageing:  how to live longer and feel better for longer.

Nothing like covering the big topics in one post!  Something which I discuss with a lot of patients, once we have got on top of the normal health issues of life (diet, sleep, stress, gut issues), is how to live well and longer.  Are there any things which we should be taking, or checking, or doing, in order to live out our days on this mortal coil in the best shape possible?  

Longevity is an interest of mine.  My dad is currently 90 years old, and in great shape.  I intend to follow his lead.  So how do you live longer?  

  • Eat a consciously healthy diet, and review the diet at different stages of life.   
  • Stay on top of health risks by getting useful tests done at various stages of life.
  • Exercise regularly and adjust for different needs.
  • Manage your stress and environmental risks.
  • Pick good parents.  

There are a lot more things to add to this, but this is a good start, and after this, it gets very individual so I’d recommend coming in to see me to discuss this further. 

Some of my favourite podcasts which have covered this topic include:

Dr Peter Attia, The Drive:

Centenarians, metformin and longevity:  genetic studies, thyroid and longevity, biomarkers and metformin

Nutrition and Longevity:  calorie and time restricted feeding, protein and optimal health

Dr Andrew Huberman, Huberman Lab:

Exercise, Nutrition, Hormones for Vitality and Longevity:  more Peter Attia, but nicely summarised for two very long talking men.  A great overview of the topic. 


Slow and Reverse Ageing:  Dr David Sinclair.  Brilliant discussion of the research and findings of how to better support life as we age.


Lifespan, with Dr David Sinclair:

David literally wrote the book on this topic, and is well worth listening to each of his eight episodes on this topic.  He is Australian, has a delightful and dry sense of humour, and this podcast offers an approachable lead in before listening to his book.


Found My Fitness, with Dr Rhonda Patrick:

All the science around the potential for increased longevity.  Rhonda is amazing, well worth a listen.


Let me know if you enjoyed these podcasts, they are smart smart people and I learn from them every week.  Book in for an appointment to discuss your longevity questions and health concerns.  More recommendations next month. 

Eve Armytage

Revive Your Health

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