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Anyone who knows me knows that I love podcasts..  I listen to them on my daily walks with my dog, and I find myself looking forward to that time to learn and be entertained by the wealth of knowledge which is out there.  

I am going to start to post regular links to podcasts which I am finding useful, in order to explain topics which I hear about regularly.  

This Podcast Referral is all about Sleep.  I discuss sleep All The Time.  Getting enough, getting good quality, getting it at the right time of night.  Sleep is the foundation of a healthy life, and we all tend to underestimate how much we need, and often how much we get.  

The podcasts which I am happy to refer you to listen to are the following:

The Drive:

Dr Peter Attia’s “The Drive” is always full of technical but accurate information, and this podcast brings together the best of a number of talks that he has had with the ever delightful Dr Matthew Walker, who wrote “Why We Sleep”, which is an essential read for anyone interested in better sleep.  

If you like this, search within Peter’s website for “Sleep” and listen to the other podcasts on the topic.  

Feel Better, Live More:

Dr Rangan Chatterjee is a great resource for tips on how to improve our lifestyle, and in this podcast, he is interviewing sleep scientist Professor Russell Foster, who discusses how our circadian rhythms affect our health, our mood and how we live.  It’s a really interesting discussion on how we work, and how sleep affects us.  

Huberman Lab:

No podcast referral list is complete without a link to a podcast by Professor Andrew Huberman.  I seriously LOVE this podcast.  Every episode is interesting, but this is fundamentally useful, so well worth listening to.   He has also interviewed Matt Walker, and done a variety of other podcasts (the one on conquering jetlag has some great tips for anyone travelling) but I enjoyed this.

Found My Fitness:

This podcast is a few years old, and yes, it’s Matt Walker again (I do rather like listening to him) but there is a joy in the enthusiasm of the conversation between Rhonda and Matt.  Dr Patrick is one of the smartest people I have ever listened to, so this is both fascinating and entertaining.

Supplements to help with sleep:ow to

Huberman mentions a few supplements which are well researched, such as apigenin (chamomile), magnesium and glycine.  I usually suggest to come in to discuss your sleep issues and anything else appropriate to discuss with your Naturopath, as it is important to address the causes (insufficient time in bed, shift work, disturbance, stress, etc) as well as working with supplements to help achieve better quality sleep.  

For help with sleep, and the related fatigue, please book online via:

Sleep well.

Eve Armytage

Revive Your Health.

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