Fatigue from a variety of reasons is one of the most common issue raised in the initial consultation. Our naturopath has had great success in managing fatigue in patients by helping to identify the cause, managing the situation and treating the symptoms.

Fatigue comes in a variety of forms, from poor sleep, to adrenal fatigue from stress related issues, to post-viral fatigue.  Many of these health concerns take years to develop, and consequently become accepted, rather than recognised.  It is important to allow sufficient time, to allow the body to repair, alongside eating a supportive diet, and taking appropriate supplements which can support better quality of energy as needed.

Testing may be appropriate in cases of fatigue, to rule out issues such as low iron, thyroid imbalance, current or previous viral load (Ross River Virus or Glandular Fever), and should you have any such tests on hand, it would be helpful if you could bring them into clinic at the initial consultatation.