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A lack of purpose is linked to a sense of anxiety and will actually affect outcome for long life.

So, how is everyone coping with Lockdown Mark II?  I am trying to maintain a positive outlook on life, and feel grateful that we are not in Melbourne with stricter lockdown requirements, or indeed in the US or Europe, where the number of those sick or dying of COVID-19 are far higher than we have […]

“And they gnashed their terrible teeth…”  Maurice Sendak.  Where The Wild Things Are.   Clenching your jaw, or grinding your teeth, is known as “bruxism”.  It is commonly accepted as being a response to stress, and it’s something which I see all the time in clinic.  It’s also one of the first things which I […]

Naturopathic consultations: I am open for consultation, within restricted hours, and have procedures in place to manage risks to keep the community healthy and safe. I will continue to work within the guidelines of my association and insurance requirements, and will be taking regular advice from the WHO and the Australian Department of Health. My […]

I am temporarily closing for bookings until I feel confident that this is in the best interests of patients and staff. Thank you.

It’s International Women’s Day, and on just posting an article which I enjoyed, on not being a slave to doing everything, I thought it was worth expanding upon the theme.   Most of my patients in clinic are women.  Men come in, often for a chat (apparently I am easy to talk with – I […]

For me, the 14th of February is not about Valentine’s Day.  For me, this is the day that I first opened my clinic three years ago, in Pakington St, Geelong West.  I had worked before this, obviously.  I had been in a clinic in the Geelong CBD for around seven years, working with a fabulous […]

A good massage is hard to find..  I hear this from many of my clients, when I ask if they have always gone for a massage, and often I hear “well, I used to see someone, then they had a baby”  or “they moved to Byron Bay”.  Which amuses me, as it never seems to […]