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Sleep is a common concern, and causes many problems with energy, as well as mental health.  Poor sleep can also be caused by physical, stressful or hormonal issues. At...


Many common ailments start in the gut, and poor digestive health leads to the breakdown in our ability to sleep, repair and recover. We treat this in combination with...


Fatigue from a variety of reasons is one of the most common issue raised in the initial consultation. Our naturopath has had great success in managing fatigue in patients...

Revive Your Health clinic

The clinic is a calm and nurturing environment, benefiting from the passion and experience of Eve Armytage, Naturopath and Remedial Massage therapist, as well as a host of other natural health therapists. When you are ready to change your health, book in at Revive Your Health.

Clinical Packages and Testing

In my experience, most health situations can be dealt with quite effectively over a 12-16 week period, whereby the symptoms experienced or concerns raised are able to be recognised...

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Ultra Lite: weight loss & health

Ultra Lite:  Your easy to follow steps to a new and healthier way of eating. Most of us developed habits in our younger years which involved eating more food...

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Eve Armytage:  Naturopath and Remedial Massage Therapist. Eve has been working in the allied health industry since 2000, and retains a strong following of massage lovers for her ability...

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Latest Thoughts from Eve

Writings from the desk of the Naturopath, I include research, thoughts, and relevant news about health issues and more. Any thoughts are my own, should you require provenance or validation, please ask and I shall endeavour to help. Eve.


Thriving, not surviving

How do you choose the diet that works for you?  Not the diet that leaves you feeling tired, bloated, and yet hungry for more of that food which got you feeling so flat in the first place.  Not the myriad of diets which don’t actually work, because they are not actually healthy, nor providing sufficient […]


The Last Moments of Pre-lockdown Madness

These days, in the days of lockdown, of the fear and inability to make plans, in these days of frustration, there is a sense of urgency attached to many actions.  We hear a whiff of impending lockdown, and instantly start mentally cataloguing our toilet paper inventory, and working out what needs to be done, in […]


Taking one for the community

As a naturopath, most people assume that I am against vaccination. Personally, I believe that vaccination is a very personal issue and prefer to educate my patients on making their own choices, but note that deciding when and how to vaccinate can be useful factors in this choice. For these latest corona virus vaccinations, I […]