Immunity support for this winter.

What I am seeing most in clinic at the moment:

I am seeing a lot of people with post-covid fatigue – that dragging feeling of not feeling sick, but of feeling far from recovered.  The wave of covid which has most recently swept over the region is not always serious in terms of symptoms, but it does leave a trail behind it of enervation.  Given we are reporting around 10,000 new cases every day, this is a lot of fatigue.

There are a number of ways to support this.   After supporting the immune system to minimise symptoms from the virus, and ensuring quality recovery, the next step is to support the lagging fatigue of covid.   This treatment is going to be more about ensuring quality sleep, and building up good response to fight over the weeks that it takes to recover.  Just as every person is differently, every remedy is created individually and I would take the individual case to ascertain the best remedy for your needs.  Some herbs are useful, alongside specific nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your individual needs.  

The other big issue around at the present is of course the flu.  This is offering a serious impact upon upon the immune system, and as we have not had much opportunity to meet with it of late, it is affecting us far greater than we expect.  

This year to date,38,743 people have reported having the flu.  In the past five years, the numbers have peaked from June until the end of September.  This means that we are about to hit the peak time for being unwell.  

What this means for us is that we need to pay attention to our personal sense of wellness.  If you start to feel unwell, listen to your body, rest, seek support to look after yourself.  

What I can do to help support you is to take an acute online or phone consultation, to hear how you are feeling, what your symptoms are, and then I can make up a herbal remedy, appropriate to help you to recover.  Other aspects of recovery can include vitamin C, zinc, herbal teas, and home remedies suggestions such as Manuka honey, lemon juice and hot water, and poultices to help with relieving chest congestion.  

As with any state of health, I would need to know what your current health and symptoms are, along with any medication that you are taking.  

I can deliver the prescribed supplements.  The big thing, please don’t just stay at home feeling awful.  If you are not well, make an online acute appointment to talk with me so that I can help you to feel better more quickly.  natural

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