The Consultation

Seeing a Naturopath can be somewhat like a blind date…  Someone you trust suggests that you might be a good match, you spend the week before your appointment trying to think of ways to make yourself look more healthy, then you come in and have to spend an hour talking about all sorts of things which you can’t believe you would ever get asked…

The first consultation with me will take around an hour.  I really enjoy finding out information about people, as there is so much more to your health than just what the latest symptom is.  I want to know where you live, how you feel, every illness you have ever had, and what happens when you eat things that you don’t like.  And yes, I want to know ALL about what happens behind closed doors.  (That’s the toilet door, for those who are wondering…)

After the initial consultation, I will usually make some suggestions about dietary and lifestyle  changes, prescribe a couple of nutritional supplements and herbs, then send you off to see what changes.  At the second appointment, the questioning may be a little more streamlined, and I’ll have more of an idea of what direction the treatment is going.

Usually I anticipate getting results within about 6-8 weeks, depending upon what we are treating.  I like to see people out until around 12 weeks, to be sure that my suggestions are working well, then I may suggest to continue with dietary or lifestyle changes, along with some supplemental support and coming back after another 12 weeks.  After this, we should have some idea of how you will react to the changes, and what sort of things will set you back.  Health issues often recur in response to stress, season or annual events, and it is useful to identify and learn how to treat to stop the response from taking hold again.

Once the main problems are resolved, I will prescribe a maintenance dose of appropriate nutrients for your stage of life.  Ongoing consultations can be booked every few months, and I am happy to incorporate healthy exercise options, by holding walking consultations (weather dependant!) to continue to care, and improve your fitness!


Initial Consultation:   $125.00

Follow up Consultation:  $99.00

Short Consultation:  $75.00

Packages are recommended, due to the greater commitment to making changes and the positive effects of checking in regularly.  There are more details on the packages page, but in essence:

Four visit package:  $299.00 (saving 20% on consultation cost)

  • includes 1 initial, 1 follow up and 2 short consultations.

Supplements, Herbs, teas, are in addition to this cost.

Health Fund Rebates are currently available (until April 2019, unless policy changes), and your health fund card can be swiped in clinic.  The amount of the rebate will be up to your level of cover.  Please be sure to use this cover whilst it is still available.