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How do you choose the diet that works for you?  Not the diet that leaves you feeling tired, bloated, and yet hungry for more of that food which got you feeling so flat in the first place.  Not the myriad of diets which don’t actually work, because they are not actually healthy, nor providing sufficient […]

One obvious problem with eating fruit on a low carb diet is that fruit is full of sugar. When you are supposed to only be eating 20 grams of carbs each day, and a banana can have up to 20 grams, it precludes this from our list of permitted foods.

Surviving life, difficulty and even Coronavirus, when you are a naturopath.

Naturopathic consultations: I am open for consultation, within restricted hours, and have procedures in place to manage risks to keep the community healthy and safe. I will continue to work within the guidelines of my association and insurance requirements, and will be taking regular advice from the WHO and the Australian Department of Health. My […]

I am temporarily closing for bookings until I feel confident that this is in the best interests of patients and staff. Thank you.

Adopting the Ultra Lite low carb way of eating is an easy to follow way of eating real food at every meal. The adoption of this eating style is a long term healthy option for anyone wanting to age well and regain better health.

The thing with resolutions (News Years, or otherwise) is that they take resolve.  And resolve, otherwise known as willpower or self-control is hard work.  You have to be disciplined.  You have to resist urges, cravings and the influence of others.  This is a definition according to the American Psychologists Association:  Willpower is “the ability to […]

I actually rarely use the term “detoxification” these day, in preference for recognising our body’s ability to clear itself from toxins, without defined need for additional clearance.  That being the case, I am running a month of “Spring Cleaning” which will incorporate the body’s elimination systems, as well as supporting our mental clarity and environmental […]

I took these biscuits recently on a 35km walk with friends.  Being as they were universally popular (including with those on an elimination diet, the vegetarian, the low carber, AND my kids), so figured the recipe well worth sharing.  Great with avocado, or dip! Seed Crisps: Ingredients •200g sunflower seeds •100g sesame seeds •60g flax […]

In my work as a Naturopath, my role is to help educate and support my clients to achieve good health. I support their own work with diet and lifestyle, by supplementing with nutrients and herbs, if appropriate, and only for as long as required. My ideal is to get each client to the best health […]