Low Carb Breakfast Muffin

This is a quick and easy low carb (not no-carb) muffin, which you make in the time it takes to toast a piece of bread.  Honest, it’s that easy.  


3 tablespoons of almond meal

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

1 egg

20g of melted butter

I usually melt the butter in a small pyrex bowl, as will then use it to cook the muffin in the microwave.  Mix the ingredients together, scrape into the pyrex bowl, microwave for 90 seconds, removed, tip out of the bowl and cool.  

I like to cut the muffin into three slices, so it is not too thick.  I then melt a little butter in a pan, and toast the muffin both sides, storing the remainder of the muffin in the fridge.  

It tastes amazing with some goats cheese and avocado, or an egg.  Enjoy!

Note:  I can’t give exact carb measurements, as it will depends on how thick you cut your slice etc.  But for those who prefer to avoid gluten, and reduce their carb intake, this is a great alternative. 



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