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How do you choose the diet that works for you?  Not the diet that leaves you feeling tired, bloated, and yet hungry for more of that food which got you feeling so flat in the first place.  Not the myriad of diets which don’t actually work, because they are not actually healthy, nor providing sufficient […]

These days, in the days of lockdown, of the fear and inability to make plans, in these days of frustration, there is a sense of urgency attached to many actions.  We hear a whiff of impending lockdown, and instantly start mentally cataloguing our toilet paper inventory, and working out what needs to be done, in […]

One obvious problem with eating fruit on a low carb diet is that fruit is full of sugar. When you are supposed to only be eating 20 grams of carbs each day, and a banana can have up to 20 grams, it precludes this from our list of permitted foods.

For me, the 14th of February is not about Valentine’s Day.  For me, this is the day that I first opened my clinic three years ago, in Pakington St, Geelong West.  I had worked before this, obviously.  I had been in a clinic in the Geelong CBD for around seven years, working with a fabulous […]

Adopting the Ultra Lite low carb way of eating is an easy to follow way of eating real food at every meal. The adoption of this eating style is a long term healthy option for anyone wanting to age well and regain better health.