Losing weight by eating real food the Ultra Lite way.

Most of us want to lose weight.  For some, a lot.  For others, just a few kilograms.  Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight by eating loss and exercising more will attest to the fact that it does not work.  Part of the problem is the reduced metabolism which occurs alongside weight loss.  The other problems occur from our perception of energy used, and from our body’s desire to retain homeostasis, which means, the ability to remain the same, despite the fact that we may need to lose weight.  

Our perception of energy used is interesting as most calorie counters, heart rate monitors and exercise guides will cheerfully regale us with stories of how many calories we have burned in our various workouts.  The big problem is here is that it neglects to subtract the normal level of calories which would have been burned from just sitting around.  As an example, If I go to the gym for my cardio box class, I burn around 400 calories per hour.  If I sat at my desk for an hour, I would burn around 110 calories an hour.  So what I actually burned around 290 calories – not 400.  What I have found is that most people walk out of the gym thinking “I just burned 400 calories, I can have a glass of wine” but given than we never have just one glass, that bonus treat for exercising in the form of two glasses of wine (170 calories) or three Lindt balls (219 calories) often puts back calories in excess of what was burned. 

Another common problem is that people on a diet tend to feel more hungry.  This is a normal and expected response to weight loss.  Weight loss loads to increased hunger and decreased metabolism, in an effort to stop the body from losing weight.  Yes, that’s right – your body is trying to stop the weight loss.  Your body thinks that your weight was “normal” and wants to retain it.  

So eating less does not work and exercising more is harder than we thought to make change.  What does work?

Ultra Lite Low Carb eating program.

Adopting the Ultra Lite low carb way of eating is an easy to follow way of eating real food at every meal.  The adoption of this eating style is a long term healthy option for anyone wanting to age well and regain better health.  Unlike cutting calories, eating nutrient dense low carb foods leave you feeling full and able to exercise and function without snacking.  

In my clinic, I use the Ultra Lite Program to help support my patients to achieve change, not only in their weight, but in their energy, inflammation and brain function.  Ultra Lite has been helping people to lose weight for 20 years, and has thrived for this long as it genuinely makes a difference and is easy to follow.  Because you see me every week in clinic to discuss your food intake, weight loss and general health, it helps you to feel supported in your journey, whilst learning about how to eat real food and cook tasty low carb recipes.  

Using Ultra Lite’s eating guide, you will learn how to eat a clean ketogenic diet, which avoids processed foods and carbohydrates.  Instead you eat moderate proteins, complex carbohydrates and quality vegetables and salads, leading to gradual but lasting weight loss, without the keto-flu or cravings normally experienced on some keto diets.  

The Ultra Lite program can be tailored to suit you, as we offer a 5 or 10 week programs, depending upon how long you feel that you need the one-on-one support offered in the program.  You are given eating plans, a recipe book, and specific supplements with the right combination of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support your change and prevent cravings.  

For more information about how the Ultra Lite low carb eating program can help you, please see me in clinic.


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13 February 2020

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