Three years and counting…

For me, the 14th of February is not about Valentine’s Day.  For me, this is the day that I first opened my clinic three years ago, in Pakington St, Geelong West.  I had worked before this, obviously.  I had been in a clinic in the Geelong CBD for around seven years, working with a fabulous group of allied health practitioners and setting up some lovely relationships with patients who are still with me today.  But then I decided that it was time to move on, and so my little clinic in Pako St was started.  

One of the initial attractions of this clinic is that it offers parking.  After seven years of jostling for a park in the city clinic, being able to just drive up to work and get a park was a serious luxury.. And for my patients, it took away that element of stress of wondering where to park, having the right change, and to have to put in your rego number and all that palaver!  

Another giant attraction was being in Geelong West.  Having the Post Office, Geelong Fresh Foods and the many many wondrous coffee establishments all within strolling distance, is the epitome of delight!  

So, it’s been three years and it is going well.  I have had a few changes in my colleagues, starting from having a variety of psychologists, then myotherapists, to end up with my current and stable group, considering of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine with Nick Livingston, osteopathy with Eve Schoenheimer, and remedial massage with Leighanne Crocker.  All of us offer different yet complementary treatments, and I am always pleased to be able to recommend their skills to anyone who needs help.  I would love one more practitioner, if anyone knows of someone looking for just 2 or 3 days!

As for my practice, I am still doing about half and half of my booking between Remedial Massage and Naturopathy.  I will be embarking upon more training this year, with an interest in treating alongside oncology treatments, as a Naturopath.  This ties in with my existing interest for low carb dietary support, which is a useful adjunct for the treatment of cancer.  I have been working with the Ultra Lite low carb program for some years now, and love how effective it is for weight loss, but also the benefits upon other aspects of people’s health.  

I feel very lucky to have established my beautiful blue clinic three years ago, and I look forward to another three years at least.  Please come and visit me in clinic, if you are looking for help in making your journey into good health.  

Thank you.. x


14 February 2020.

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