The Many Benefits of Remedial Massage

A good massage is hard to find..  I hear this from many of my clients, when I ask if they have always gone for a massage, and often I hear “well, I used to see someone, then they had a baby”  or “they moved to Byron Bay”.  Which amuses me, as it never seems to be that they moved to Byron to have a baby, it’s either here with instant family, or up there being an urban hipster…  Either way, the best massage therapists don’t last.  

I must be breaking the mould here, as I have been in Geelong for over ten years, and massaging here for most of that time.  And I enjoy what I do.  For me, massage is enjoyable, so I hope to be going on giving massage for many years.  

I was discussing the joys of being a massage therapist today with my colleague, Leighanne Crocker who runs Aromatic Discovery from my clinic.  For both of us, giving a massage is something which we do, not just because we are good at it, but because it is such a positive experience as the massage therapist, to be able to help the client to walk out feeling amazing.  

For me, I also find the act of massage to be personally therapeutic.  I enjoy the heart to heart conversations which I share with many of my clients, but I am well versed in when to stop talking and to let the quiet create peace in the room, for both the client and myself.  I am a busy person, and whilst I have tried over the years to meditate, I struggle to sit and “do nothing”.  Then I realised that when I am giving a massage, this quiet time, this period of silent processing, allows me to consider, contemplate and release many of the thoughts which may be flying around in my busy brain, and for me, this is a form of functional meditation.  

I often get asked how I know where the tight spots are, and whilst sometimes there is a thought process on where issues are likely to occur, often the investigation of the body’s issues are felt over the course of the hour massage.  One benefit of a remedial massage over other body work therapists is that we usually work the entire body, or at least all of the back, neck and shoulders, so that whilst there may be a problem with one shoulder, this will always impact upon the rest of the back, and in a massage, this is well managed.  

Having said that, I am also always happy to be honest about when it is appropriate for the client to seek another therapist, if I am not able to resolve their aches and pains.  I am lucky enough to work with many skilled therapists, such as Eve (yes, another Eve!) Schoenheimer who is an experienced and skilled Osteopath, and Chris di Giusto who offers incredible relief as a Myotherapist.  On Mondays, I am lucky enough to have Nick Livingston offer his skills as an Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.  I am blessed to have these reputable practitioners in my clinic.  I do also recommend other practitioners in different fields and clinics, for specific treatments, and appreciate being able to call upon such a wide variety of skilled therapists in the Geelong region.  

I really enjoy the massage work, as a change from doing the Naturopathic side of my business.  I often encourage clients to continue to see me for massage, after we have resolved the acute stage of health issues via the Naturopathic treatment.  This way, I can keep my finger on the pulse of the problem, and stay in touch with what is needed.  

Massage is well known for its benefits to our mental and physical health.  Regular massage has been shown to help with exercise outcome, as well as for the management of stress, and done correctly, some aspects of disease.   We all need to put priority on our health, and to budget for allowing repair and support to our body.  Booking in for a monthly massage is not a luxury – it is maintenance, and your body and mind will show the benefits in the long term.  

If you have considered a massage, please note, I am firm.  I don’t like to torture or bruise, but I am really good at gauging how much pressure I can apply, and prefer to work with the muscles of the body, to allow them to release, often moving away and coming back when they are ready for more work.  And because I am well trained by my years in the day spa industry, I will always use a hot towel to remove the excess oil from your back and feet.

If this sounds like what you need, click on “Book Now” on the website or Facebook page, and book in.  Or call me on 03-5229 4908 to discuss how I might be able to help revive your health.



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