Business Operations for Eve Armytage, as at 25 March 2020.

Naturopathic consultations:

I am open for consultation, within restricted hours, and have procedures in place to manage risks to keep the community healthy and safe. I will continue to work within the guidelines of my association and insurance requirements, and will be taking regular advice from the WHO and the Australian Department of Health.

My preference is to continue to conduct business so that my patients are receiving full support to maintain their health.  I am setting up the facility to conduct consultations via Zoom, which will allow me to continue talking with you, whilst keeping us both safe in our own homes.  If needed, I am endeavouring to offer to deliver products within the main Geelong area, where possible, and will discuss this with you during our Zoom or phone consultation.  

Whilst I am willing to discuss conducting remedial massage for those in pain or with injury, I cannot conduct regular maintenance massage at this point, due to the risk from close contact.  

Hygiene and Safety Procedures:

I know that current events are creating concern in the community and just wanted to update you on the hygiene precautions being taken in this clinic to protect you and your family. 

Important point for you – we are asking clients with any cold and flu symptoms to please  reschedule until they have recovered, and to observe 14 days of self-quarantine if they have returned from overseas, or have been associating with those from overseas.

I have already completed training in Infection Control and will self-quarantine, should I or anyone in my family start experiencing any cold or flu symptoms. 

Procedures already in place to protect you and the clinic include:

  • Regularly cleaning all surfaces including door knobs, frequently touched equipment and bench tops
  • Washing my hands with soap and water regularly 
  • Keeping all clients separated in the waiting room
  • Linen is changed on massage tables after each client and any hard surfaces are cleaned between clients.

For bookings, please go to my website ( and click on “Book Now”. Alternatively, please leave me a message on 5229 4908 or via email:


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