Fear and living with the burden of a virus.

This year had scarcely begun and it launched us into a time of fear and uncertainty.  Fires and disease are things that we know exist, but we don’t welcome them into our living rooms, so to find them taking up residence is far from comforting.   There has been a sense of disgruntled surprise in our lives, as though the previously safe and stable plans for our future were somehow guaranteed.  As though life was actually fair.  I don’t want to break the bubble of fantasy for my children, but this year is kind of doing it for me.  “Guess what kids – the world can be harsh and unexpected.  Don’t get comfortable.”

Now, some months into the world of SAR COV-2, what do we know?  I note for the record that the following comments are my opinion of the situation, based upon my readings of the news, comments by those involved, and lastly but mostly importantly, the research on the situation.

  • Blame will not change what has happened.  We can endeavour to avoid another occurrence from a similar source, which probably should have been pursued after the SARS outbreak.  There is no call for racist behaviour, or expectation of recompense for a situation which no man could have asked for.  
  • Social distancing will help to keep us healthy, more so than lockdown.  It is clear from analysing data from various countries that the number of cases was already stabilising before lockdown was applied.  A lockdown done early enough could help, which could have been what helped in Australia, but once we reach a R of 1.0, good social distancing should be enough to maintain that.  
  • The best defence to the virus, aside from not ageing which is difficult, is to maintain good health.  Those who are overweight should consider that now is the time to prioritise achieving healthy weight, as a matter of protection, not preference.  Those who smoke should consider taking steps to stop, in order to better protect their lungs.  Those who choose to eat highly processed foods, which increases their inflammatory response, their weight and their risk of ill health, should endeavour to improve their diet.  Any step in the right direction will be protective and help them to be less at risk.  

There is much that we are yet to know about our future and how this virus will go on affecting us.  One thing which is worth considering is that, even if this virus dies down, or is conquered by vaccination, there will be another.  There will always be another, and the answer will always be, those who are with the greatest health have the best possible outcome of survival.  Give yourself and those who love you the opportunity to survive.  Choose health.  

What else can you do to support your health, living in the time of COVID?  Aside from eating well, sleeping enough, exercising regularly and managing stress?  That’s quite a list already, and for some, may be more than enough..  For those looking for more support, I usually recommend well researched and documented supplements, such as vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D.  These will not stop you getting the virus, but there is evidence which lends itself to showing that these supplements may support your body’s ability to fight back.  Again, these are what I read in journal articles, and also what I have taken myself.  For me, I found them supportive, and here’s when I confess, that back in March, I was tested positive for Corona virus.  

I had developed what I thought was the ‘flu, as I had body aches and pains, and was extraordinarily tired all the time.  I actually took time off work, which for me was quite unusual.  I didn’t get any fever – I tested my temperature several times every day, and showed nothing.  I had no loss of smell or taste, no cough, no runny nose, nothing.  The only reason that I got tested is that a) it is unusual for me to get that sick, and b) I was eventually told by a person that I had met prior getting sick, that they had tested positive for it.  And discomfort aside, I am very pleased I was able to get tested so quickly after hearing I could have it, as it’s so important to find out.  

Early in the piece, about three days after initial exposure, I had experienced a very heavy congestion in the chest, and (being a naturopath), had immediately dosed myself with warming and immune supportive herbs, in an effort to clear this, and this congestion was gone overnight.  Throughout my illness, I took vitamin C and zinc, vitamin D, herbal tinctures, and drank copious amounts of herbal tea, and rested.  

I didn’t pass it on to a single person.  This, to me, was the highlight of my illness.  I told every person that I had seen in this time, and they all got tested, and not one person developed the virus, a fact for which I am truly grateful.  Even with working in my own clinic, not a busy office, it is nonetheless astonishing the number of people that I needed to contact.  A good reason to support the downloading of the App, if it works.  

It is not possible to say why I did not get it as severely as others, nor why I didn’t pass it on.  I am not able to claim that it was my healthy lifestyle, nor my use of herbs and supplements that made the difference to my recovery.  Nonetheless, I am still taking many of these vitamins and supplements, not because I am at risk of recurrence of the virus, but because they make me feel well.  And feeling well is key.  

Choose health.



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