My Experience with Covid-19

It’s been a year since I got Covid-19.  I got it very early on in the process, and was well aware where I got it from.  Whilst there was a lot of negativity in the aftermath, that the people who brought it back from Aspen were disregarding quarantine, it was so early in our awareness of the virus, that I know that they had no idea that they could be at risk themselves, until well after we realised how it had spread.  

I came across the virus on a Friday night, spent the weekend blithely ignorant of any impending issues, socialised freely, and only on the Monday afternoon recognised that I felt a heaviness in my lungs.  This, for me, is an unusual symptom, so being a Naturopath, my immediate reaction was to go to my clinic and make myself a hefty herbal blend to combat this sense of congestion.  The next day, the lung congestion had gone, but I felt like I had a head cold, with a running nose, and heaviness in my head.  I continued taking herbs, along with vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D.  

By Thursday I was feeling significantly ordinary – fatigue and muscle pain, and had cancelled much of my appointments in clinic in order to stay home and rest in peace.  In retrospect, I was trying to stay away from my family as I would for any cold, but I did have a question mark over how I felt.  I rarely got sick beyond a standard head cold a few times a year, and had to admit that I felt pretty awful.  I took my temperature 3-4 times a day, and kept reassuring myself that I had no fever, no cough, and no contact with anyone who could have had it.  I was supposed to have gone to a school cocktail on the Thursday night, which I had already decided not to attend, when it got cancelled.  Thinking about it, I suspect they might have been given a heads up that parents from the school had been tested, and wanted to err on the side of caution.  A smart move, looking back.  

It made sense when I heard that a couple who I had met at a function on the previous Friday had tested positive for the virus – she told us herself, and was apologetic for something over which they had no control.  Armed with this, I went on hold to the Covid phone number for 40 minutes, then eventually went into the local emergency department to ask how to get tested.  Whilst they looked fairly sceptical that I was at risk, they masked up and kept me at a distance whilst giving me the contact details for getting tested.  Having had a direct contact was the key to actually getting a test, and after getting my positive results back, I was able to get everyone in my direct contact pool to get tested.  Amazingly, I had not given it to anyone.  Not my family, my friends, not any patients or work colleagues.  I maintain a sense of extreme relief that I didn’t give it to anyone else, as this filled me with dread until I heard back from everyone that they were safe. 

In a latter stage, my friends laughed at me for not giving it to them, so that they got it over and done with alongside me, but to be honest, I was relieved to not give it anyone, as it is so difficult to know how each person will react to the virus.  From the event where I got it, I suffered with mild symptoms for around ten days, then recovered.  Another two people had much more serious respiratory issues, alongside their asthma.  One other person ended up in hospital with pneumonia on both lungs.  Same strain, all healthy folks, and we all had different responses.  It’s that hard to forecast.  

So after was all done, why do I think I didn’t get it badly or pass it on?  In my opinion, I believe that treating it immediately on establishing symptoms stopped the development of the virus into anything more dangerous.  The herbs which I took are used to clear respiratory distress, support immune support, and reducing inflammatory reactions in the body.  Vitamin C and Zinc, along with quercetin and other bioflavonoids help to support clearance and immune response.  NAC is useful for clearing mucous in the body, and I included this once I realised what I was dealing with.  Vitamin D can support the immune system, and I dosed high during the acute and recovery stage.  

I also suspect that my immune system functions well – as I mentioned above, I get a few colds a year, which are other facets of corona viruses.  My immune system is primed to fight a corona virus attack, this was just a lot bigger than usual.  

After I was fully recovered, I realised that I was getting sharp excruciating headaches.  I tend to get headaches, but these were different, and were akin to getting stabbed in the temple with an icepick.  Seriously, staggeringly painful.  After a month of this, I recognised that they were likely related to a post-viral response.  One of the fun things about being a Naturopath is having a full dispensary at your disposal with which to treat.  With this neuropathic pain, I decided to try taking PEA, which is often prescribed for pain, and found that it worked brilliantly.  It removed the pain after two weeks at which point, I stopped taking it, whereupon it came back.  I went back on it again for another four weeks at which point, the problem resolved and has not returned.  

My experiences with the virus are similar to others mentioned in podcasts (links below) and like them, I am only writing about it to ensure that people understand that it can be helpful to treat swiftly and symptomatically.  I would suggest that coming into colder weather, we all take more care of our immune systems, take vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc, and if symptoms develop, please contact me, I am happy to do a phone or online consultation and arrange for any appropriate supplements, as needed.  This is not a sales pitch – it is a hope that anyone who finds themselves at risk is able to treat as soon as possible.  

After I had recovered, I gave plasma at the Blood Bank for a few months.  Eventually, I stopped, as my antibody levels fluctuated and were less useful than I had hoped.  Interestingly, they were higher a few months after I started, than at the start.  

And will I vaccinate?  Yes.  I am not commenting or discussing the issue of anyone else’s preference or concern on vaccination, but in this situation, I believe that it is in the best interests of the community as a whole is to protect as many people as possible.  Rather than waiting for everyone to get the virus and putting people at risk from illness as well as lockdown concerns, vaccination is a swifter and more effective answer.  I am writing a piece on supporting health throughout getting vaccinated and will post this shortly.  

For now, I am taking my herbs, continuing with my vitamin C and zinc, and going into the colder weather again, I will take vitamin D and probiotics.  I aim to stay well, and recover when I do get sick, and hope to continue to help others to achieve this also.  


5 March 2021.

ref:  Ben Greenfield podcast transcript:

Ref:  Mike Mutzel podcast:

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