Naturopath, massage therapist – all that and more!

So what do you want from your health? Is it enough to feel that you are chugging along at half speed, or do you want to get the most from your health? Everyone has those days when you feel tired, but for many people, those days rule our world. For some, the daily struggle to get out of bed, the battle to stay awake going to work, and the need to collapse on the couch at the end of the day, is normal.
I’d say that 80% of people who come to see me in clinic tell me that they are suffering from fatigue. And in most cases, they are so used to feeling this way, that when I make small changes which allow their body to use the energy in their food, or access better sleep to allow for true deep restorative sleep, it is almost a shock to feel normal again.
Our body is amazing, but sometimes this amazing machine needs help. So if you would like to feel more energy, more well, more interested in allowing your body to work as well as it should, then come and talk with me. I would like to help.

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