40 days and counting…

I often post articles about the benefit of taking time off, of relaxing and enjoying downtime. And if I am honest, I have to admit that I am the worst person in the world for taking my own advice! I haven’t had more than five days holiday, since my daughter was born, nearly nine years ago… However – I am combatting this disastrous situation, and in 40 days (counting ‘em down, folks…), I am taking my two daughters on holiday to Europe!

Now the reason for this post is not so much skiting about how lucky I am, but more about making sure that my clients realise that I am away, and can book in for appointments before and after I go.

My last day at work is Friday 8 September and I will be back on Monday 9 October – yes, that’s right, I am away for a whole month! There’s a lot of Europe to cover, and we’re going on the best Grand Tour that a mad mother can give her kids.

Revive Your Health clinic will still be open, so if my other practitioners can be of assistance, please book in. If you hadn’t yet seen them, they are:

Courtney Willis, myotherapist, book on http://www.myoforyou.com.au
Holley McLeay, herbalist, book on http://www.holleyoak.com.au
Beth psychotherapist, call to book 0437 989 117

I am still trying to find another remedial massage therapist who can fill in while I am away, will keep people posted, but I’d suggest seeing me before and after my trip at least, to tide you over.

For all my naturopathic clients, please make sure that you come in for consultation and stock up on herbs and supplements, as appropriate. If you run out of products, email me, and I will see what I can do to help – be prepared for answers to take a few days!

So that’s my news! 40 days and counting.. We are really excited about our holiday, and hope that my being away won’t inconvenience anyone too much. I’ll post from the trip, and look forward to seeing everyone before and after to make sure that you are looking after yourselves!


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