The Calm of 2020.

This year has been the year of turmoil.  Of broken plans, and changed dreams.  It has been the year of learning to love low key living, to appreciate the availability of time, and to let go of expectation.  There are many low parts of a year like this, but it is important to focus upon the good which has come out of slowing down.  

I appreciate the time that I got to spend with my kids during lockdown, helping them to learn at home schooling, and having them around just a little bit more, which is unusual for teen and pre-teen offspring.  

I value having had the opportunity to learn more places to walk in my suburb, to get away from the madding crowd, but to still be outside with the dog.  I have new favourite walks which I will keep, even after the crowds recede, for their variety and terrain. 

I am grateful for the time to spend with friends, not with the previous norm of catching a drink and small talk, but for time spent in the outdoors, walking and hiking and accessing the beauty of nature.  Life is more rich for the friends who share your passions.  

I was surprised that I accepted the curtailing of my love of excessive exercise.  For years, I have attended the gym 3-4 times each week, without fail.  Don’t mess with my gym schedule.  It was my sanity and my sanctuary and it was gone, but it was almost a relief to let go of the compulsive attachment to the schedule.  Now I walk, sometimes I run.  I hike, further than before, and feel calmer than before.  I note that there is a little more midriff accumulation than I prefer, but I also know that I can shift it when I am ready.  

Life is more calm.  

And so we face a new year, and for now, I know better than to make plans.  I lay out my ideas like the warp of a tapestry, with many weft threads all pulling together, and I accept that I am better to work upon patterns and foundation, rather than rushing to the end result. 

I have created challenges for myself, to continue to build and grow.  I am going to create more art and may try to share this passion to encourage others to grow and flourish.  I am going to hike more – I am inspired by the many adventures of others I see, and appreciate my own strength and tenacity developed whilst out tramping.  

I am going to get strong again.  This challenge has more strict guidelines as it works better as a time related challenge.  For 90 days I will do 90 moves:  3 sets of 30 pushups, 30 ab crunches and 30 pulse squats.  Each set only takes a few minutes, and normally I would do this each morning whilst my kettle boils, but adding in the extra two sets, I am forced to create more routine, and find time to stick to my regime.  I note for the record, that I have been doing this for four days, and already have forgotten and had to get out of bed at night to do both sets before sleep.  Might go do a set now…

My strength routine reminds me that it is the small things which work, which create foundation and provide strength.  In the same way, I have tried to add to the foundation of my children’s sense of wellbeing, and my business’s core values, with laying down small regular support measures which allow for growth and the ability to flourish.   In January 2021, it will be 4 years since I opened my clinic in Pakington Street.  In February 2021, both my daughters will commence secondary school.  Life continues to move forward, despite any stoppages during the year, and I choose to celebrate the small steps which have granted growth along the way.  



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