Four weeks away and time for change.

Going on holiday is a delight, and essential in many ways to our sense of perspective. When you step away from an object, it is possible to see more clearly ways to approach different aspects of it. So by being away from the everyday world of work, exercise, chores, it is possible to establish an approach to managing inherent issues, to allow for more fluid re-entry.

This is my theory, and having had my first holiday in nearly 10 years, I gave myself a full four weeks away from work (which, being self-employed, is not easy to do. No-one gives me holiday pay and the bills still have to be paid, but these are the issues which I am hoping to see more clearly from afar…). I did take my daughters with me, so I did not escape all of the chores of home, but the value of spending weeks of active and non-distracting screen time with them, was beyond measure.

The issues which I considered that I was resting from included:
work: physically doing the work, and mentally being responsible for running my clinic
exercise: I usually exercise 4-5 times every week, and I enjoy this. I also think it is important to stop occasionally to remember why you keep fit, and to find the spark to re-engage with fitness again
household drudgery: keeping the house tidy with kids is a chore. Travelling with them meant that this chore came with me, but on the whole, it was well managed.

My realisation of change for these issues goes like this:

I will allow myself time away from the office every week, to review my steps and ensure that I am able to continue to see the big picture, not the minutiae of daily bill paying.

I am surrounding myself with amazing practitioners and other health professionals who continue to inspire me and help give me excitement about our industry and success.

I will work hard to achieve success in business but also to create enough savings so that I am able to take another holiday a little sooner than ten years away…

I intend to focus on gaining better strength and flexibility in my joints and muscles, and have set myself the goal of being able to do single leg squats by the end of the year. Body weight exercises are a great method of directing improvements in strength without overdoing it.

I want to do more walking – the kids both want to do more of the Great Ocean Walk (amazing, considering the drama which went with this, after finishing two days of walking with a 4km beach stagger…). So, backpack to the ready…

Without confessing all my sins, it would have to be admitted that I like to hang onto things. Books which I have read. Shoes. Beautiful objects. More books. And more shoes… And travelling with a minimal amount of clothes and belongings does make you realise how little you need to be happy. So it might be time to let go. Maybe not of all the shoes. Perhaps a few books…

And if I am able to, it might be time to pay for a cleaner to help do the things which I am struggling to do, because I find myself at work so often.

So I am sharing these considerations to allow anyone who reads this to review the issues which might be weighing you down, and to take some time to step away and ponder how to address change. Change is not always for the best. But change made via contemplated purpose allows for results which can be measured and weighed and reviewed, so that changes can be adjusted to make the result the very best outcome for me.

Wish me luck and cheers to change!

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