Naturopathic consultations involve assessing medical history, symptoms, diet, and state of mind. The initial consultation usually takes an hour and may lead to further investigation such as urine analysis, hair analysis, liver function, hormone and allergy tests as required.

Treatment can incorporate:
• herbal medicine: tinctures of herbs with specific treatment purposes
• nutritional supplements: vitamins and minerals which may be lacking through diet or malabsorption
• diet: improving health through better input and improved digestion
• homeopathic formulas: low dosage yet highly effective remedies
• flower essences: support for emotional and mental states
• iridology
• hair, tongue and nail analysis
• remedial massage

I use combinations of the above treatments, as well as lifestyle recommendations to manage and resolve the issues.

As much of the consultation can be personal and at times emotional, confidentiality is assured.

Herbal Medicine:
Herbal medicine has been used to treat illness and support the body’s functions for hundreds of years. Herbal remedies may be dispensed in tablet format, or tailor made for the individual in a liquid format.
Some treatments may achieve success within a few weeks, whilst others may be best suited to daily dosage for several months. Just as every person is different, so to is the treatment and response.


Nutritional Medicine:
My treatment style is to encompass the use of nutrition in the form of diet to reduce inflammation and irritation in the body, as well as the use of nutritional supplements to further reduce problems and introduce the ability to heal and thrive. In complex cases I use specialised diagnostic testing to check for markers which reveal markers and use appropriate supplementation to correct any imbalances.
I encourage my patients to avoid fad diets, but to find the eating style which best suits their individual genetic pattern and lifestyle.
If you suffer from symptoms like fatigue, headaches, bloating or frequent illness, then these are signs that your health are out of balance. You could buy a headache pill or antacid from a pharmacy to make the symptoms temporarily go away, but if you don’t address the cause, the problem will resurface again.