Repair. Replenish. Restore. Reawaken. Revitalise. Revisit. React.

What I aim for is to help people to achieve good health and wellbeing, through education and guidance with their diet, lifestyle and physical maintenance. As a naturopath, I treat the whole person – I believe in treating the individual, not just their symptoms, and helping them to seek realistic and achievable goals for their health.  There are many skilled Naturopaths in Geelong, but my strengths lie in listening, finding answers, and leading you into ongoing wellness.  After helping with the initial issue, I believe in offering education, support and further health management.

I have worked in the health industry since 2001, enjoying gaining the experience of treating all facets of naturopathic healing and remedial massage and realising where my strengths and interests lie. To this end, I choose to specialise in helping with issues of fatigue and exercise, but will always be in a position to treat the full gamut of health issues, given the complexities of causes of fatigue, as well as performance in exercise.
Part of my success lies in how I relate with the client, and my interest in people and their health. I have always enjoyed helping people, and helping them to achieve greater sense of wellbeing is something which gives me a deep sense of pride and personal fulfilment.

Areas of speciality:
Fatigue – day to day exhaustion, post-natal fatigue and:
• Adrenal Fatigue
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Glandular Fever (Epstein Barr virus)

Sports Nutrition:
– sports performance
– exercise recovery

– diet and nutrition for athletes