Health News

Clinic News:

Revive Your Health is thriving!  From one practitioner back in February when I opened, I now have a diverse range of allied health practitioners all working in various aspects of helping to keep the people of Geelong happy and healthy!  Have a look at the Practitioners on the menu, to see more about us.

I am still working closely with the amazing health professionals from my previous clinic, and will always seek to find the best fit when referring you on to other practitioners.  No one person can ever be all things, to all people, and my interest is always in achieving the best results for the client, so sometimes referring to a different modality may achieve this, more effectively.

For those who have found my new clinic – well done!  And for those who have yet to venture in, I am very centrally located just near to all those lovely coffee shops in Pako Street!  And we have parking at the front door, so come in and make an appointment.

I am working Monday to Friday, but not Thursday afternoon, or Friday morning.  Please click on the “Book Now” button to find a time which may suit you.

Revive Specials:

As most of my clients come in through word-of-mouth, I want to reward those who help to promote my business.  For every new client who you refer, you will get $10 off your next appointment.  They have to mention at the time of the appointment that you referred them, and they do have to be new to my clinic.  You can refer lots of people, and get up to five referral bonuses off any one of your appointments, so a total of $50 discount.