Reflections on one year in clinic

Happy Valentines Day to all! For me, this date is less about romance, and more about the anniversary of setting up my clinic in Geelong West. Which is far from romantic, but perhaps more rewarding in terms of what it has allowed me to develop and where I have grown.

First things first – thank you to all the clients who have followed me (some for many years) and supported my move into my own clinic. And my appreciation for the new people who have ventured through my doors. The common thread of discussion is the appreciation for the free car parking at the clinic (I totally understand this!), and the feeling of calm which exists in my rooms. I love that no-one was surprised that there was a pervading blue theme (what other colour would I have?), and I am grateful for the ease of transition from booking and paying through a receptionist, to booking online (which everyone seems to love) and paying via me on HiCaps (which I am managing easier than anticipated).

There are days when I am overwhelmed at the burden of running a clinic – the load of finding practitioners and managing their issues, doing the marketing, accounting, cleaning and security is exhausting. But at the same time, the pride of feeling at home in my own rooms, and the enjoyment of sharing this space with other amazing practitioners and our clients, makes it worth the effort.

I note that the word “valentine” is derived from valens meaning worthy, strong, and powerful. So with that in mind, I choose to dedicate my clinic anniversary day to all those people out there who flick past my site, and come into my clinic, and who are aiming for good health.  I wish you a day which is full of happiness and well-being, and may you be worthy, strong and powerful. Today, with pride of my year of achievement, that is how I am feeling, and it is wonderful..

Happy Valens!

Eve Armytage
Revive Your Health
14 February 2018.

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