Ultra Lite: weight loss & health

I have been advocating the benefits of a low carb way of eating for years now, and recently was approached by Ultra Lite to become one of their contacts for helping people to adopt a healthier low carb eating habit.

Previously, I had thought that if I give people the information about eating low carb, then they can do it themselves, but I have realised that it’s not that easy.  We all need support.  We need recipes.  We benefit from clear instructions and regular input from someone there to help you.  So taking on the Ultra Lite protocol with my clients works for me, as I am able to meet with you every week, and discuss any concerns and help you to achieve improved health and supported weight loss, through learning about eating real food.

There are a variety of pathways to choose from, and it depends very much upon you and your needs.  Please book in for an obligation-free chat, to see if we can find a management style of eating real food which will work for you.

You can find more information about Ultra Lite here, or call me in clinic:

Eve Armytage BHSc (Nat)